written by his wife Kim Nguyen

Phillip is a community leader, businessman and experienced software engineer with a vision and mission to forever change charity fundraising. In his experience in serving on charity boards, Phillip was disappointed by net fundraising proceeds due to fees and expenses involved in traditional crowdfunding campaigns, so he set out to make a difference. Phillip assembled a team of professionals to bring EZsamaritan to the world.

Current Position

Founder and chief software engineer of EZsamaritan, a one of the kind crowdfunding platform to be launched soon ( and the owner and president of Digital Marketing Solutions LLC, a web application development firm since 2003.


Master of Computer Science majoring in software engineering (GVSU 2004) and Bachelor of Business Administration (WMU 1992)


Currently serving on his second 3-years-term as the President of the Vietnamese American Community of Grand Rapids & Surrounding Areas. He also served as a board member on numerous organizations in the past three decades.

Personal Background

Phillip came to the United States in March 1983 as a young teen sponsored by Bethany Christian Services and Word Visions’ Saving Children Program from the Vietnamese Refugee in Hong Kong. If there is anything to say about his characters, it would be his hard work and his determination to succeed in the U.S.; and he did. He completed high school, college and grad school despite the fact that he never completed his second grade education (before arriving in the U.S.) because both of his parents died during the Vietnam War before he was 4 years old. He is the author of more than 25 computer training programs and several volumes of poetry and often served as a keynote speaker for many events. The struggles and the barriers that Phillip overcame… a few of us can only image. He is a shining example of what one can achieve with hard work and determination. Most of all, Phillip is a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, a loving husband and father of three beautiful college kids and two foster kids. He and his wife Kim and two foster kids are currently living in Caledonia, Michigan. You can reach Phillip via his personal email